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Name:King Saralegui of Small Shimaron
Birthdate:May 9

Canon: Kyo Kara Maoh!
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Timeline: Final episode of season 3, right before delivering Seisakoku's sword

The young king of a small country in human lands, Saralegui gained his title after the death of his father only two years earlier. Not that the man's death was a cause for much grief from him -- King Gilbert had all but entirely ignored his son throughout his childhood, leaving the prince's care first to various nannies who couldn't have cared less, and then later to a dark young man named Belias who came when Sara was only five and vowed to serve him. Without a single friend in the world, with an absent mother and a distant father, Belias became the single person Sara trusts in any world, and has continuously shown absolute loyalty over the years he has remained by the blond's side.

Now the ruler of Small Shimaron, Sara has proven despite his years (or lack thereof) that he will not be used like a puppet by those that would try to influence the throne for their own ends. With ambitions to become a great king, far greater than his father was so that everyone would be forced to acknowledge him, he works to strengthen his country no matter the cost. Even as he might bow before King Lanzhil of Large Shimaron to prevent invoking the stronger nation's wrath, Saralegui plots to take that crown for himself and unify the human lands. If he needs to befriend and betray the naive Demon King to do so, then so be it. He welcomes the challenge and finds endless entertainment in it -- especially in seeing what he can make King Yuuri do without actually giving any "hints": Sara's power of suggestion that grants him the absolute obedience of those he uses it on, a power derived from the half of his heritage that even he doesn't yet know about.

Because, as easy his life could be were he to use his power more freely, that just wouldn't be enough fun. Saralegui wants to earn his power and prove that even without supernatural abilities he is a greater ruler than the human territories have seen thus far. As strong as his convictions are, he acts as if everything is a game to him -- albeit one that he can win with ease.

So, let the games begin~
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