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~How's My Driving?~

Got concrit for me? Want to comment on some aspect of Sara's characterization? Think I'm just plain doing it wrong? Please tell me, I'd love anything that can help me improve.

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Feb. 20th, 2020 01:35 am
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 [the communicator's default answering message goes here. maybe he'll change it someday if he ever bothers figuring out how to do that -- it hasn't really seemed that critical so far.]
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[Character Name] Saralegui
[Canon] Kyo Kara Maoh!
[Point Taken from Canon] After the end of season 3

[Age] 17
[Gender] Male
[Sexual Orientation] Pansexual

[Eye Color] Gold
[Hair Color] Pale blond
[Height] 5'7"
[Other] Canonly described as really, really pretty. Also, assume the glasses are on unless otherwise stated.
[Clothing] He likes layering with loose, flowing fabrics, belted around the hips or with a sash, and usually with long sleeves and boots. Colors tend towards simple neutrals with jewel tones for more formal affairs.

Rest under the cut. )
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TRIGGERS: ooc - none!; ic - nothing that deserves being called a trigger, but do try bringing up his parents, or ignoring him. also, abandonment issues like woah.
MEDICAL INFO: healthy.
MENTAL INFO: not quite so much, but he's better than he used to be.
FOURTH-WALLING: unlikely, but just let me know first!
PHYSICAL CONTACT: he looooveeees physical contact.
INJURE/KILL: minor injuries are just fine, ask first for major injuries or killing!
DEVICE HACKING: ask first, but probably yes -- sara does not know technology well enough to avoid this.

he has a canon power that allows him to hypnotize people with his eyes. as far as we've seen, the only person who can really resist it is the king of demons, so it's a rather strong suggestion, and he could do anything from make a person act as wanted, have them forget something happened, or even command them to stop breathing.

obviously it's a little overpowered and godmode, but he's pretty sparing about using it anyway. i'll always ask first before using it, but let me know here if you just want to say no to any possibility of it ever. and if you had a plot or something in mind that you'd like to make use of his powers for, you can ask that here too.
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EDIT: ok so these were all up on megavideo and are now lost due to the site going down and my computer having gotten a virus that took a system restore to fix, thus killing off everything i had saved on there, including the original videos. so. will have to redownload all the episodes, remake and reupload all the videos. it might be a while ;A;

I'm working on gathering and uploading clips of all Sara's major scenes in each episode he appears in for reference purposes. After all, even some fans of the series can't be bothered to watch the third season, so I can hardly expect those that are completely uninterested to wade through 117 episodes. When I have time I'll add commentary, opinions and explanations under each video. Please let me know if any of the videos don't work.

Obviously, this list is still incomplete. And of course, spoilers all over the place, look at your own risk, ect.

Episode 84
Episode 85
Episode 86
Episode 87
Episode 90
Episode 91
Episode 95
Episode 96
Episode 97
Episode 98
Episode 99
Episode 108
Episode 110
Episode 111
Episode 112
Episode 113
Episode 114
Episode 115
Episode 116
Episode 117 (FINAL)

OOC ~ Note

Jan. 31st, 2020 10:00 pm
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